Military & Family Support Center JBAB


Military and Family Support Centers (MFSC) support individual and family readiness through a full array of programs and resources which help military families to be resilient, well-informed and adaptable to the Navy-Air Force environment.  MFSC promotes self-reliance and resiliency to strengthen the military and its family members, supports mission readiness, assists commanders in planning for and responding to family readiness needs, and facilitates building a strong community network of services through community outreach and partnerships.

COVID-19 continues to spread and is an increasing force health protection (FHP) threat in our area. Click here for more assistance:

Programs include:

  • Deployment Readiness
  • Ombudsman/Key Spouse
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Transition Assistance
  • Military and Personal Career Development
  • Relocation Assistance
  • Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) 
  • Family Advocacy Program (FAP)
  • New Parent Support Program (NPSP)
  • Clinical Counseling
  • Life Skills
  • Family Emergency Response
  • Information & Referral
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

MFSC Workshops

From learning tips on effectively managing your money, to better managing of your family life, to providing strategies for finding a job in the DC area, to transitioning to a new life after the military, the Military and Family Support Center is here to help with a wealth of workshops for you.


 Sexual Assault Prevention & Response (SAPR):