FFR Mentorship

FY20 Mentorship Program

Current FY 20 cycle registration is now closed. 


What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is an effective way to promote workplace learning, employee development and job enrichment. The FFR Mentorship Program pairs an experienced employee with a less experienced employee to help foster career development and growth by sharing knowledge, skills and insights that have been learned through the years.


What is the process for joining the Mentorship Program?

  • Interested employees apply to be either a Protégé or a Mentor.
  • Applicants are “matched" into pairs.
  • Protégés and Mentors attend an Orientation Session and complete a Mentorship Action Plan and Agreement Form.
  • Monthly checkpoints with each pair to asses progress.
  • An Experience Exchange session occurs 6 months into the Mentorship Program.
  • Graduation Celebration concludes the year-long formal Mentoring relationship.

What happens during the Mentorship Program?
Mentors and Protégés will meet throughout the year based on their Action Plan and Agreement Form.



The FFR Mentorship Program is open to all civilian and military personnel who work for NDW FFR. Participation is voluntary and non-competitive. Participation in the program is not a guarantee of promotion or movement to other positions. While most of the development activities take place during normal work hours, participants may choose to pursue learning activities outside of their normal work schedule. No overtime or compensatory time is authorized.


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Benefits for the Protégés

  • Obtain wider knowledge of organization
  • Establish skills such as time management and communication
  • Develop abilities that can lead to increased confidence and empowerment
  • Identify career development goals
  • Observe different leadership styles
  • Benefits for the Mentors

Benefits for the Mentors

  • Develops leadership and coaching skills
  • Improves communication skills
  • Pay it forward (Value)
  • Sharing of insights and lessons learned
  • Re-energize and engage

Benefits for the Naval District Washington Fleet & Family Readiness

  • Organizatiional investment in staff members
  • Increased understanding of our mission and culture
  • Strengthens employee engagement
  • Enhances the moral of staff members
  • Promotes and improves workforce development
  • Improved employee satisfaction
  • Reduction in staff turnover

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